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Co-op Life

As a co-op preschool, parents are involved and volunteer their time which creates a wonderful sense of community for the children, parents, and teachers. We all work together to create a warm, supportive, and thriving environment for our children to learn, play, and grow.

Below are some of the responsibilities when you join Little Village Nursery School.

Work Day Parent

  • Volunteer in the school once a month from 8:45am – 12:30pm.
  • Tasks may consist of washing dishes, sweeping, doing laundry, cleaning up messy projects, reading a story, etc.
  • The best part of your work day will be joining your child and their classroom for snack time. Children and parents look forward to this every month.

School Improvement

  • Complete 6 hours of school improvement per enrolled child.
  • Attend 2 weekend school improvement sessions (3 hours each) to help maintain the school through cleaning and minor repairs.

Parent School Jobs on Board or Chair a Position

  • The Board consists of parent volunteers and is a great way to use your particular talents to help in an area of need.  The Board has a President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Facilities Chair, Registrar.
  • Other available jobs are Workday Coordinator, Fundraising Team Members, Room Parents, Videographer, Tour Guide and so much more.

Fundraising Participation

  • We have several small fundraisers throughout the year and one large Fundraising Auction Party.  This is not only a great way to raise money for Staff Bonus and extras around the school but it also brings our community together.