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11827 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Preschool Program


Tucked behind our colorful gated door on Pico Boulevard is our beautiful yard.  Trees shade the play area and our indoor/outdoor classroom setting is the perfect size for toddler and preschoolers alike.


Little Village is a developmental preschool based on the idea that children learn best through play. We offer opportunities for growth by providing a rich environment. Our teachers carefully plan play areas to promote academic and social growth. Projects are process-oriented, not product-oriented since it is in the creation process that children learn to experiment with materials.  We encourage children to build streams in the sandbox, paint palm fronds, mush about in shaving cream, and explore the world using all their senses — without the fear of getting dirty!


The class day begins at 8:45am and our basic preschool day ends at 12:30pm.  Children have the option of extended day until 3:30 pm, where enrichment is offered every day of the week.  Parents can enroll children in extended day on an as-needed basis or pre-set days of the week.