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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I submit an application for my child? 

Once your child is born, we accept applications year round.

Do I need to take a tour? 

Yes, tours are required to be admitted.

Do I need to fill out separate applications for the Parent and Me and Preschool Programs? 

No, it is all on one LVNS Application Form. Please check off which programs you are interested in.

When do I hear if my child can get into Parent and Me?  

There are four (4) sessions per year. The registrar will contact you when they get to you on the waiting list.

When do Preschool Admissions start?

Admissions start in February for enrollment that fall. This process however may not be completed until late spring. Enrollment starts in September but occasionally spots open up during the year if someone moves. We also have room for older children some years.

If my child does not get a spot, will my application roll over to the following year? 

Yes, but be sure to email registrar@lvns.org to let us know that you would like to be rolled over.

Should I email registrar@lvns.org if I get a spot at another school and would like to be removed from the LVNS waiting list? 

Yes, please do.

Is my application $75 fee refundable? 

No, sorry. This is to limit people who are not serious about wanting to be in our co-op preschool. Please read about Co-op Life at our school.

Are vaccinations required? 

Yes, LVNS follows the California State law requiring vaccinations for preschool and Parent and Me programs, this includes parents/grandparents as well. For more information, please visit https://www.shotsforschool.org/child-care/

What does it mean to be a Co-op school?

The members are the owners of the nonprofit corporation. Along with tuition, parents have responsibilities as members. Unlike many co-op schools, LVNS has a full paid staff of teachers and a director with college degrees in Early Child Development. The board works in conjunction with the director to administrate the school and daily parent volunteers are our helpers in the kitchen, office, and yard instead of supervising children. 

Is there structure in a play-based curriculum?

Yes, there is structure in a play-based curriculum. Throughout their school day, children transition between free play and group time — including circle time, snack, clean-up, art, singing and reading — through which they learn the skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten. While children master social skills like sitting quietly, listening to their classmates and teachers, raising their hands and waiting to be called on to speak, free play also allows them to develop reliable life skills that stretch far beyond their early years.  

How do you handle separation?

Our teachers are very skilled working with both parent and child to feel comfortable with the transition. Our youngest class starts in the fall with only 5 children at a time until the class is full in three weeks (tuition is prorated). This gives a chance for the children to bond with teachers and get comfortable in a quieter setting. Parents are asked to stay for at least a day sitting in the classroom with a book or laptop so the children look to the teachers and other children to engage. When both child and parent are comfortable, the teacher will suggest that they move to the yard or office. Some parents stay a day while some stay a week or two. 

What are the basic co-op requirements?

Please visit our Co-op Life page for more details.


If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@lvns.org.